For an exciting project in Oslo we are looking for a skilled technical solution architect with experience in SAP S4 Hana, Ariba, knowledge of source-to-contract system, and the procurement process/flow through an SAP system. It is also desirable with some programming skills in these systems.
The client is a large international company headquartered in Oslo, with offices in 50 other countries.
They have a procurement project that they need to do, which is to coordinate and organize their procurement processes internationally into one harmonized procurement process across borders and countries.
They have 5 different business areas they are operating in, and want to align these procurement processes into 3 different SAP systems (S4 Hana) on the top, and to have all of this connected with Ariba. They are still considering different solutions.

Work tasks:
– To get the overview and understand these systems, and based on that tell the client what they have to do
– To work hands-on and make changes in SAP, and help configure the systems
– They have programmers themselves, but it is desirable with experience of programming similar systems yourself so that you understand how it is done.
– Support the client in this project to help them carry it out.

Does this sound interesting? Looking forward to hearing from you!
Please don’t hesitate to contact Johan if you have any questions about this opportunity.

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