For vår kunde i Asker søker vi en lead developer/arkitekt.
Lead developer / Architect

Workplace: Asker
Startup: As soon as possible
Duration: Full time 6 months (approx. September 2019 to Mars 2020)

We would like to hire one lead developer (back-end) for the next 6 Months.
– In addition, we will consider specialist consultants, but this will be on ad-hoc basis.

The following competence is needed
– Senior Developer with a knowledge of several types of technologies and how to put different technologies together into a solution. Our solution is primarily based on .NET/Azure
– Knowledge of technologies such as Python, Different DB technologies (SQL, timeseries and graph), and with experience from making products that supports real-time
– Architect deliveries we would need help with: Information model, System/Solution architecture and descriptions, How to handle Microservices, including Description of services

Currently we have
A team in India that have made the first version of the product.
R&D, testing and some good findings on how backend should look.
Using several common services and internally developed simulators.

Deliveries (at least what we know now)
– Make a system/solution architecture, describe and implement this
– Backend that will consist of several technologies and we need to put this together
– Backend must support real-time
– Testing new technologies
– Get a first version or update the following
– Establish first version of Information model
– Update System architecture / Solution architecture
– Help us design Microservices
– And descriptions and usage of the services

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